Plastiqual offers an end-to-end service, from the design to the production phases of your most technical parts

In order to provide our clients with the best possible support, we offer a wide range of services covering the entire process, from initial design to final manufacture. Our expertise covers design, engineering, prototyping and mould making and maintenance, as well as part production, finishing, quality control and packaging. These services are highly valued by our clients, who benefit from personalised support throughout the life cycle of their project.


Design office

Our design office is a basic element in our range of services. It supports our clients at every step of the product development and fine-tuning processes. The proximity of our workshops enables close partnerships with our clients, fostering fluid and efficient communication. Our team of engineering experts is on hand to advise you on the design of your product, as well as on the choice of materials best suited to your specific needs. Our aim is to optimise production while reducing costs, thanks to innovative solutions and cutting-edge expertise in the injection moulding of technical plastic parts.



Plastiqual’s core business is injection moulding of thermoplastic parts. After 40 years’ experience, with 17 injection presses, 90 different materials injected and over 700 different references, the service we provide is wide-ranging and high-quality. Our injector team is always available to advise our clients. As we specialise in small and medium-sized production runs, we offer our clients a high degree of flexibility.

Small and large parts

Technical parts

Small and medium-sized production runs


Mechanical workshop

Our mechanical workshop works closely with the design office and the production workshop on any point related to making, maintaining, servicing or modifying moulds. This guarantees high-quality service and a quick response in the event of an emergency. We can also adapt your existing moulds to our injection presses.


Post-press (finishing)

Our post-press department offers a flexible finishing, customisation, marking, assembly and packaging service. Each operation is tailored to the client’s requirements, which means that clients can work with a single supplier to receive a quality finished or semi-finished product. Basically, peace of mind for the client.


Quality control

In production, injected parts that register parameters outside the set limits are automatically rejected by the injection moulding machine.

As well as regular visual inspections, we have our own in-house Quality Control laboratory. Each batch of parts supplied can be accompanied by its own inspection protocol, either on paper or in electronic format.

Your tailor-made technical solution

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