VPN router box

Protect your network with Plastiqual’s advanced VPN router box

Production and assembly of VPN router boxes: quality, security and aesthetics

The VPN boxes for our client HMS, including the Cosy, are expertly designed and manufactured in our workshops. They incorporate advanced features such as injected light pipes, labels, laser engraving and complex assemblies.

Plastiqual also provides specific packaging tailored to the client’s needs, as well as rigorous quality controls to ensure that products comply with the most demanding standards.

Key points

Technical material

Specific material, customised colour and fire resistance


Assembly of components (casing, light pipe, labels, etc.)

Case designed to house the electronics

Laser marking

Laser engraving of information and QR codes


Manual quality control of every part for an aesthetically important project

Meeting the most demanding standards

A crucial aspect of the design of VPN router enclosures for HMS is fire resistance, complying with the UL94 V0 standard. This essential feature ensures the safety of sensitive electronic equipment, giving users peace of mind.

As well as their technical performance, we attach particular importance to the appearance of the cases. We ensure that every detail is carefully considered to meet our clients’ expectations.

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