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Plastiqual is a plastics injector specialising in the design and manufacture of complex parts in engineering plastics.

Plastiqual stands out for its expertise in the injection moulding of technically complex plastic parts or those equiring special compounds. We work with a variety of filled plastics such as PA6+GF, POM, PC+ABS, PEEK and many others, to ensure optimum resistance to external stresses such as friction, pressure, UV rays, etc.


Modern production,
at the cutting edge of technology

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our modern infrastructure. With a new 1800 m² building and recent investments in 100% electric injection presses from leading manufacturers, Plastiqual is at the cutting edge of technology for the injection of the most technical plastic parts. Our design office uses the latest computer-aided design, injection simulation and finite element calculation software to create designs of the highest quality.

Our mechanical workshop is equipped with numerical control machines, offering continuous 5-axis erosion and milling capabilities to meet the most demanding injection mould manufacturing requirements. We also offer high-quality post-finishing services using our pad printing, engraving, laser welding and assembly machines.

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At Plastiqual we are committed to providing end-to-end solutions for our clients. We work closely with them from the start of each project, developing custom injection-moulded plastic parts to detailed specifications. Our team is on hand to advise clients on the choice of materials, part optimisation, assembly, finishing and packaging, to meet the specific needs of each project.


From design to quality control

Plastiqual offers a comprehensive range of services, from initial design to final product delivery. Our design office supports our clients at every stage of the process, advising them on the design and prototyping of their project. We also manufacture injection moulds in our machine shop, ensuring total control over the quality of the manufacturing process. Our production capacity enables us to manufacture parts on demand while ensuring high quality standards through rigorous finishing and quality control processes. We also offer a bespoke packaging service to guarantee the safety and integrity of products during transport.

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