Safety sensor cover

Discover the excellence of Plastiqual safety sensor covers

Quality in appearance, durability and optimum manufacturing control

The covers for sensors mass-produced in our workshops stand our for their long-lasting aesthetic qualities and their proven resistance to bad weather and UV rays. They protect the sensors and ensure their optimal functioning in a variety of environments.

At Plastiqual we pay particular attention to controlling manufacturing parameters to ensure consistent quality. Wall thicknesses are meticulously studied and controlled to ensure accurate and reliable laser detection.

Key points

UV resistance

ASA material for outdoor use

Production runs

Long production runs

Logo marking

Pad printing of the logo specific to an order


Tight dimensional tolerances to ensure that the sensor functions correctly


Each sensor cover produced can be customised with the end client’s logo through pad printing.

Each stage is subject to rigorous standards, from injection moulding to the assembly of several components. Our skilled operators check all the parts delivered to the client.

We have set up a system of daily mini-series requests to meet our clients’ needs.

Your tailor-made technical solution

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