Tamper-proof calorimeter

Tamper-proof calorimeter for accurate temperature measurement

Compliance with heat measurement constraints

One of the most striking examples of a successful partnership with a client is the development of the case for a tamper-proof calorimeter, designed together with our Swiss client.

This innovative case is made up of six injection-moulded parts, assembled with precision by clipping and laser welding. The transparency of the material ensures excellent visibility, while the flexibility of the gasket guarantees optimum sealing, and its resistance to impact and assembly make it an ideal choice for demanding applications.

Technical specifications

Technical materials

6 different plastic materials make up this product

Transparency, waterproofing, resistance…


Full assembly of the case, ready to house the electronics


Laser engraving inside the case

Laser welding

Fitting the transparent window by laser welding

Meticulous finish and assembly for optimum reliability

Once assembled, all the client has to do is fit the electronic components required for operation and then test the product. The finished product, the result of a meticulous manufacturing process, complies with the most stringent standards of the heat measurement control sector.

Thanks to our commitment to excellence and our ability to take on the most complex challenges, Plastiqual guarantees tailor-made, reliable and durable solutions for our most demanding clients.


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