Billiard brush

Discover the billiard brush: a symbol of innovation and quality

An example of technical and aesthetic excellence

Discover the billiard cloth brush, the result of a fruitful collaboration between Plastiqual and Simonis, the world leader in the manufacture of billiard mats.

The billiard brush is a clear example of our ability to effectively combine different technical and aesthetic materials. Thanks to advanced techniques such as overmoulding and pad printing, we were able to produce a final product of exceptional quality.

Key points

Specific matter

Material containing cork for a more aesthetic feel and finish


Packaging including the client’s specific box, ready for sale to the public


Pad printing of the logo


Overmoulding of different fabrics and materials

Easier marketing

At Plastiqual, we also design and produce the final packaging to our clients’ specifications. This means that the product you receive is not only impeccable in terms of quality and functionality, but also ready to be marketed as soon as you receive it.

Your tailor-made technical solution

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