Examples of some products developped by or in partnership with Plastiqual are provided below: 


Hang glider safety wheel

The hang glider safety wheel meets the safety needs of glider pilots when landing.

Steps for do-up stairs

Developed with do-up, the stair kit solutions offer good handymen the chance to show off their decorating skills.

Billiard cloth brush

The Simonis X-I brush is perfect to remove the chalk dust or talc without affecting the billiard cloth.

 It features a revolutionary absorbing structure and has all the attractive appearance and comfort of cork.

Iwan Simonis website>>


We can make diferent types of pulleys.

Plastic tanks

These unbreakable plastic tanks are really useful to organize heavy and sharp parts as for example milled steel. 

Elastomer plastic

We can realize any kind of elastomer thermoplastic parts , which can be really resistant to high temperature and have a good wear resistance.


Plastiqual is able to produce parts with a volume under 6 cm³ with very tight tolerances.
This is the best solution for small assembly parts


Plastiqual team is used to realise diferents types of connector.

Some samples of the kind of parts Plastiqual is able to realise:

plastic filter – plastic tank

plastic technical parts – electric meters

plastic grip – plastic holder

water meter – plastic sensor

switch boxes – plastic plug

plastic cap – plastic framework