Injection moulds

Injection moulds


Plastiqual designs and makes the injection moulds in its own machining shops.  

Thanks to its experience in this area, Plastiqual can guarantee the quality agreed with its customers.

The close proximity between the machining and production shops  allows for a quick response if the injection equipment needs to be repaired or adapted.


The machine shop works closely with the Design Office and the Production Shop. It can thus respond immediately if the equipment needs to be adapted.

The operators are all experienced and qualified mechanics. 


The Plastiqual machining shop is fitted out with digital control machine-tools that are only used to manufacture injection moulds:

    • high-speed 3 axis milling machines
    • grinding machines
    • 5 axis digital turning machines
    • wire and die-sinking/ripping Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).


Plastiqual has a proven track record in designing and implementing injection mould peripherals, such as pressure and temperature sensors, hydraulic and pneumatic slides, etc.