Plastiqual applies an integrated approach and operates the whole manufacturing chain, from design, the manufacturing of the injection mould, fitting the mould on the injection machine, production, finishing and packing the products for shipment.

Injection moulds

Plastiqual has its own tooling shop where it makes the injection moulds to be used to produce parts for its customers and where any maintenance and modifications are carried out.

The customer is the exclusive owner of its injection moulds.


Producing injection-moulded plastic parts is Plastiqual’s core business.

Plastiqual specialises in technical parts produced in small or medium series that require a highly technological environment.

Automating production ensures costs are kept under control. 


Plastiqual has Finishing shops. The company can therefore offer the customer additional services including small component assembly, laser welding (airtight cases), two-colour stamp-printing, hot printing or laser engraving. 

The products are wrapped and packed according to the customer’s specifications.